Christmas Party 2005

Christmas Party 2005

Opening Remarks
(Bro Santiago M. Sipin-Christmas Party 2005 Chair)

The Honorable President, Bro Mody, Hon Past President Bro Doods, Members of the Board of Directors, Distinguished Guests, APO Family members, APO Kids, Brothers and Sisters, Good evening.

First of all I would like to thank all of you who are gathered here before me to take part, witness and enjoy the Blessings that the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ has bestowed upon us this evening. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank those Brothers and Sisters who shared with me their concept for tonight’s first-ever APODCAA Christmas Party with a Theme, a theme that would encourage our brothers and their families to get in a collective act of sharing especially during this season of the year. I am overwhelmed for all the support you have shown your desire to make this APO famly assembly enjoyable, worthwhile and exemplary.

Tonight, instead of the usual gifts in colored wrappers brought by each one of us to be raffled and scrambled and picked at random to be given to anyone, the Christamas Party chair has requested every member to donate to a noble cause, thus the Christmas Party with a Theme.

The Theme for tonight’s party - “Be a Part of Bantay-Bata163 Mission”

For those who may not have known yet what Bantay-bata is:

Bantay Bata 163 is a child welfare program of ABS-CBN Foundation that not only rescues and rehabilitates sick and abused children, but also provides shelter, therapy and quality home care for rescued children until they can be reunited with their families or referred to proper child-caring agencies. BB163 gives emphasis on the family through the following services: training and advocacy on child abuse prevention, rehabilitation of families in crisis, educational scholarships, livelihood, community outreach and medical and dental missions.

To be Asia’s best media-based child protection and welfare organization, providing comprehensive and integrated programs and services

To create and provide a safe, nurturing and loving environment where children can develop and realize their full potential

To provide holistic and proactive programs, services and facilities and to uphold the welfare of the children;

To heighten public awareness, responsibility, and community involvement in child protection and welfare through mass media and advocacy programs;

To generate resources to ensure continuity, growth and long-term sustainability of the organization;

To develop a committed, well-motivated and proficient BB163 workforce by providing opportunities for professional growth and excellence;

To upgrade the capabilities of the child protection sector in the Philippines and Asia.

APODCAA’s donation through our collections tonight will go a long way for the less fortunate children. For the children who at an early age are being abandoned and left alone in the streets to fend on their own by their much less fortunate parents, the less fortunate children who are driven out of poverty to work at young age to support their families even sometimes going into prostitution just to survive or worst end up in jails for their involvement in illegal means of livelihood such as pick-pocketing, drug trade and petty crimes. ….. Brothers and Sisters, .. try to imagine how these children survive…How does one without a home and a shelter live his life. Life for them is so cruel that a meal a day is worth a fortune… how will they grow to be responsible adults and be a part of their community.

Brothers and sisters, helping those kids out of their miseries is a gargantuan task for APODCAA but the little amount of donation we can offer tonight is noble enough to make a big difference.

Bantay Bata 163 - External Affairs Office
ABS CBN Foundation, Inc. Bldg.
Mo. Ignacia Avenue corner Eugenio Lopez Street,
Quezon City
Tel. No. +63 2 415-6625
Fax No. +63 2 411-0857
Give us your name, contact information, exact address and beneficiary (if any) to receive an official receipt.

Thank You may you and have a Joyous Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Bro Rudy will be assigned to collect donations from the members.
Bro Doods will be assigned to contact Bantay Bata 163 and document w/ pictures for the website.


Some Post-Party Email Comments:

APODCAA's Spirit is Alive and Healthy

What a Wonderful evening! Thank You everyone!

Thanks for all the fun and laughter. This is the best night I had experienced with APODCAA. With APODCAA members and their families kids and adults alike showing their oneness in spirit. Sharing each other smiles and laughter a big demonstration of APO's friendship and camaraderie where no other organization can equal.

Thank you all who shared with the Countdown.
Thank You all for supporting us with the Party's Theme: Bantaybata 163. The sidestep donation for our brothers in the Calapan tragedy and the cash gift for the twin little angels of Bro Irick.

Special thanks to the following:
Bro Chito and family hosting the venue.
Bro Mody and Tita Ditz for helping us out with the venue's decorations set-up and clean-up.
Bro Vic Sis Ellen Sis Lulu Sis Axie for the concept of the Party's Theme.
Bro Jess, Bro Doods, Bro Ep-ep, Bro Rudy Bro Rene for the preparations clean-up.
Sis Arlene for the chairs and tables.
Bro Ding for Tables/chairs set-up and Clean up
Bro Pol for the clean-up.
Bro Danny for the mics.
Bro Jessie for taking charge of the microphone.

Most of all, thanks to all APODCAA Family members for without them, our evening should not have been as enjoyable as it was. Hope also that their support will be extended-up to all of APODCAA's service initiatives.

Above all, Thank You Dear Lord our Creator for letting us all into the chambers of Alpha Phi Omega. Please share with us always your blessings and your good guidance in all of APODCAA's endeavors.

Love you All and May we Always Be-Long :)

Bro santi
o200 o7662


Vic DeLeon wrote:

First of all, a big thanks to Brod Chito Yabes forbeing such a gracious host to our families and friends during Christmas party last Saturday.
Secondly, a well-deserved Congratulations to Committee Chair Brod Santi Sipin and, of course, the rest of the committee members [Sis Axi, Ellen, Lulu] for putting together such a wonderful program that I'm convinced everyone truly enjoyed.
Finally, thanks as well to all the APO brethren who made the evening a success who, by their generosity, made it possible for APODCAA to have an enjoyable evening coupled with the "good turn" of raising funds for the Bantay-Bata 163, the Calapan tragedy, and the wonderful twins [Brod Irick's sons].

Well done and again, Congratulations and Thank You.



Luis Yabes wrote:

You are most welcome. It was the group effort from start to finish that made it a big success. I'm glad that everyone, including yours truly, had fun.

Thank you all for the assistance in preparation/decorating, for all the food and drinks, programs and games, and clean-up. Special thanks to Brod Mody, Ding and Pol who came early the next day inspite of their hang-overs to help in the clean-up. Brod Ding also brought most of the chairs and tables.


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