Easter Egg Hunt and 4th GMM 2006

Easter Egg Hunt and 4th GMM of 2006

Fourth General Membership Meeting (GMM) was held on April 16, 2006 at Featherstone Veterans Park in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Brod Mel Gonzales (Eta) from APO Norcal on official business with the US Postal Service attended the meeting and spoke about the Centennial Scout Jamboree in London, England in 2007.

Brod Waldy Carbonnel (Alpha '62) was also in attendance visiting from the Philippines and writing a book. He's currently connected to Channel 9, Philippines as a commentator and author.

APO children and adults participated in the Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

As Brod Mel said:

Hi, Brods and Sis

Thanks to our Brods and Sis of APO-District of Columbia-AA for their hospitality. I attended the APO-DC-AA Easter Sunday potluck meeting two (2) days ago, April 16, 2006, in a Washington DC park.

Thanks, Brod Doods Castellano, immediate past president of APO-DC-AA, for picking me up at the Baltimore-Washington airport (BWI) and driving us to the park with your son.

Thanks, Brod Mody Olympia, president of APO-DC-AA, for asking me to do the invocation honors and for adding to the meeting agenda the campaign to send a Filipino delegation to the Boy Scouts 100th anniversary jamboree to be held in the birthplace of the scouting movement in London, England, in September 2007.

Thanks, Brod Santi and Lulu Sipin, both of APO-Beta chapter, for dropping me off at the William F. Bolger Management Academy of the U.S. Postal Service, 9600 Newbridge Drive, Potomac, Maryland. I will be staying at the nation's capital until Friday, April 28, 2006. For contact information, I am carrying my cell phone, 408 506 1441. My room number at the Bolger Center is A101; the telephone number is 301 983 7000 ext. 5820.

It was good to see our brods and sis at the United States capital city. It was good to meet their spouses and children. It was good to see Brod Waldy Carbonell, APO-Alpha 1962, the "Open Line" talk show host in the Philippines, who is in town visiting with his daughter.

Waldy, I look forward to our meeting tonight with your daughter, Zen Carague, a realtor, and Brod Rudy Magsalin of APO-Upsilon, also a realtor. (Well, I believe it's Rudy with whom I exchanged unnamed text messages; put another way, it would be a some kind of a surprise who's picking me up late afternoon at the Bolger.)

Brod Vic de Leon, my class on Friday the 22nd ends at 10 a.m. I'll have my rental car dropped off early morning; so, please expect me for a lunch visit of your Pentagon office. In the afternoon, I look forward to visiting Alpha chapter at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, with Waldy and perhaps Brod Jesse Dayrit. The birthplace of Alpha Phi Omega is less than three (3) hours by car from the Beltway.

Thanks again and again, APO-DC-AA. Washington DC and surrounding states (Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc.) are beautiful in early Spring. Pastel flowers on trees float as though hand-placed mid-air. After the more than 40 days and night of rain in northern California, I welcome the East Coast sun.

True to Alpha Phi Omega, may we always be,

Brod Mel


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