First GMM 2006

First GMM 2006

What: 1st GMM & PotLuck
When: Jan 14, Saturday, 5pm
Where: Brod Vic's Residence
13238 Nancy Court, Woodbridge, VA 22193
Tel: (703-670-6903)

I-95 South
Exit 156 - going Dale City
approx 5 miles due West
R - Nassau Street (1st Right after Mapledale Plaza)
R - Neddleton (2nd street to your right)
L - Nancy Court (1st street to your left)
house is 6th to your left

A) Welcome Remarks --by bro Vic De Leon
B) Prayer
C) Loyalty Pledge
D) Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting
E) Calendar of Issues for Discussion
1) Audited Financial Statement Report
2) ACNA Convention 2008 Feasibility Study Report - brod Soan
3) How to market APODCAA as convention host (if #2 is approved)
4) Representation to ACNA meeting on April 21-23 in Las Vegas & LA Convention in September.
5) Service Activities Plan for 2006 (assign committee chairs)
6) Propose Philippines service plan for approval
7) Blood Donation
8) Leadership Activities Plan for 2006
9) Social Activities Plan for 2006 (assign committe chairs)
a) Boxing - January 21 ( pay per view cost- patak patak)
b) Superbowl Party - Feb 5
c) Camping (July)
d) Basketball Team
e) Billard
f) Tennis - March 25, 7PM (brod Danny)
10) Habitat for Humanity
11) Unfinished/Old Business
12) New Business
F) Adjournment
G) Toast Song


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