Hands On DC 2009

Photos contributed by Sis Milvie / Bro Pol

APODCAA at Hands-on-DC, 25 April 2009

(Vic DeLeon, Epsilon Psi, #10370)

For the eighth year in a row, both the young and the not so young enjoyed each others’ company and helped to make a difference in the community and the lives of its school children.

On a gorgeous Saturday on April 25, 2009, Pol and Axi Alvarez, Vic, Scarlette, and Monique DeLeon, Ding, Francis, and Derick Gomez, Milvy and Sarah Murray, Santi, Lulu, and Claudene Sipin, Di Aquino, Lem Banaga, Doods Castellano, Steve Chicano, Jesse Dayrit, and Jessie Manuel cheerfully gave up half their weekend to be of Service to others to “do a good turn.” Team APODCAA assembled several book shelves, painted, and mounted murals for approximately six hours at this year’s Hands-on-DC at KIPP Academy, Frederick Douglas Middle High School in Southeast Washington, DC.

While originally assigned to assembling book shelves, Team APODCAA graciously accepted every opportunity to help the other teams get as much tasks done. Several other teams kept coming over to consult on how to get their assigned tasks done more efficiently and expeditiously. Naturally generous at heart, Team APODCAA members gladly obliged to help the others maximize their own work production. Of course, this generosity didn’t go unnoticed and was welcomed with open arms. Kate and Alex, KIPP Academy site coordinators, were so impressed that they proudly pronounced Team APODCAA in front of the other volunteers as “The Best!” during lunch break.

As Team APODCAA was about to depart in the afternoon, Alex shared his strong desire to join Alpha Phi Omega at the University of Maryland when he returns to school to pursue his graduate studies. An unexpected but welcome manifestation of how Team APODCAA members’ selfless acts of charity can have a direct positive influence on others. This goes to show that Service is best when freely given without waiting for anything in return.

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