Hawaaian Luau Wedding Shower

Hawaiian Luau Wedding Shower

Hawaiian Luau wedding Shower for Brod Mody and Tita Dits was held on May 20, 2006 at Brod Ding and Tita Fely's residence in Springfield, Virginia.

Thank you Ninong Ding and Ninang Fely Gomez for hosting the event.

As what Brod Dood's said:
It was indeed a wonderful evening and it was fun. APODCAA celebrated the very first Wedding Shower and first LUAU party, thanks to those who've made it possible and thanks Bro. Ding and Ate Fely for letting us use your beautiful and humble home.
Those who have missed it, you have missed a lot especially the presentation of Bros Soan and Rudy, mga Hawayanos hehe. Dance number of Sis Axi at mga Misis was great too. And of course the song of BRo. Jesse was very touching (pang American Idol, buti na lang hindi umulan hehe) Decoration was exhaspirating (para kang nasa Hawaii) Lots of food and drinks.
Bro. Pres Mody and Tita Dits, CONGRATULATIONS. and May You have a Good Life Together and Ever.

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