Christmas 2007

APODCAA's Annual Christmas & Fellowship Party was held on December 8, 2007, 5 pm at Brod Boy Cleofe's (Upsilon '74) residence at 14720 Blackburn Road, Burtonsville, Maryland.

As Brod Santi said:
Thanks Bro Ding!
It was not the 60's Rockers but it was the Santa who showed us the best performance.
Thanks Sis Arlene for bringing with you Santa Claus alive . I know the kids were so much awed upon seeing the Santa in person and in close range.
Special thanks to the spouses/partners, children and friends of all APO members who are always behind APODCAA's activities. Without your support, APODCAA can not go this far.
In behalf of the Christmas Fellowship Team 2007, we wish you all a Blessed Merry Christmas and another wonderful year ahead.
May the good Lord bless and keep us always!

As Brod JunC said:
Sis Milvie,
Thank you sister! It was also nice to see you and your family at our Christmas Party. It was a great gig where I would say we gave due respect to our seniors when they won the singing contest he he he.
You, Sis Jenny and Bro Rene were great in entertaining us. Sorry sis if we suddenly became deaf when you called us while we watched that violent game of boxing. Next time we will be Ok.

As Brod Prez Ding summarized:
To the Christmas Party Committee,
THANK YOU VERY MUCH...........................
JOB WELL DONE..................
SALUDO AKO......................

Photos contributed by Brods Mody and JunC and Tita Fely
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