Dialysis Machines Project

Twenty nine used dialysis machines in working order are being donated to APODCAA by Holy Cross Hospital through Dr. Eleanor D and Brod JunC in memory of Nenita Ramos.

These machines will be sent to government hospitals in the Philippines:
1. Bukidnon Provincial Hospital
2. Provincial Hospital of Misamis Oriental

APO District of Columbia Alumni Association to crate the machines.

APO Greater New York Alumni Association and ACNA to share the costs of crating and shipping.

More pictures to follow as brethrens of APODCAA unite to deliver the goods.

Time Line:
1. February 22 - pick up 1 Dialysis machine to serve as model for crating.
1. February 24 - fabricate crate pieces at Brod Bennie Domingo's place in Sterling, Virginia.
2. March 16 - fabricate crate platforms and label crate pieces.
3. March 29 - pick up 23 dialysis machines from Holy Cross Hospital to Brod Bennnie's place in Sterling for storage awaiting delivery of the last 5 dialysis machines from Holy Cross Hospital. Brethrens from APO Greater New York Alumni Association participated in hauling the machines. Fellowships followed.
4. April 5, 6, 12, 13 - crate, stack,cover ready for shipment

On April 12, Sis Carol Joseph, Beta Upsilon 75 APO Representative for Cagayan de Oro attended and contributed a whole lechon. Rodney Jaleco, a TFC Washington, DC correspondent was present to publicize the DM project for Balitang America.

On April 19, the crated dialysis machines are scheduled to be loaded in a 40 ft. container and shipped to the Philippines.

Last March 29, brethrens from APOGNYAA came to DC and joined hands. Below was their email:

From: kristine tan
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 15:17:49
To:apo gny
Subject: [APOAAGNY] APOGNY in D.C.

Peace to Y'all!

Last weekend was a humongous success for all of us. APOGNY worked literally hand in hand with APODC in hauling and temporarily storing 24 Dialysis Machines in Bro. Benny Domingo's (Alpha) house. The rest of the Dialysis Machines are still in use at Holy Cross Hospital and will be ready anytime this April. These Dialysis Machines will be made available for our kababayans in Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon provinces.The Final Shipment of the 29 Dialysis Machines will be in 2-3 weeks.

Indeed, in unity there is strength and last weekend's service was a vivid example of that simple adage. TEN APOGNY members and a family member were present to witness yet again the kindness and hospitality of our Brothers and Sisters in APODC. Those who are present are as follows...
1. Edgar Villaluz (Beta Omicron 82-A) President
2. Trini Anthony Pateńo (Gamma 99-A) 2nd VP
3 Kristine Tan (Zeta Iota 94-B) Secretary
4. Opal Raymundo (Gamma Omicron 94-B)
5. Paul Hipolito (Alpha Delta 99-A)
6. Mailen Abardo (Gamma Nu) B.O.D.
7. Vic Yambao (Delta Mu)
8. Gilbert Gaudite (Beta Tau)
9. Herbie Manarang (Epsilon '75)
10. Jun Cristobal (Alpha Delta '74)
11. Maria Antipolo Tan - Sis Kristine Tan's Mother

To our Brothers and Sisters in APODC, we are so grateful for the festive meals and the bottomless beverages, for the luxurious Marriott accomodation, for the fellowship and camaraderie and most especially for giving us the opportunity to be of service to humanity... Your kindness is cordially appreciated!

In Cheerful Service,
Sis Kristine Tan
Secretary General

Noted by:
Edgar Villaluz
APOGNY President

List: $25,650. Cobe Sentry 3 dialysis machines.
all digital controls
integrated computer monitoring, setup and tracking of all patient parameters
Front panel control has buttons for:
minimum ufr
charts / BP
pressure/ UFC

Photos contributed by Mody
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