Easter Egg Hunt & GMM - April 8, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt and 3rd GMM for 2007 were held at Brod Bennie Domingo's residence on April 8, 2007.

As Brod Vic DeLeon, said:
On April 8, 2007, members and their families joined to celebrate the Easter Sunday with their children.
Although the weather was somewhat cold and breezy, ingenuity came to the fore.
Fortunately, Brother Bennie Domingo, Alpha ’77, was gracious enough to host this month’s scheduled GMM
in conjunction with APODCAA’s Easter Sunday, Egg Hunt, celebration. Members quickly improvised to allow the children
enjoy their egg hunt adventure in brother Bennie’s huge mansion, garage included.
It was an enjoyable day, after all, for the children especially.

GMM Main Agenda:
A. Hands - on - DC : (Bro Anthony)
Date: April 28, 2007
Same Time: 9:00AM
Venue: To be Determined
NOTE: After the HODC Service, everyone is invited to the Birthday Party celebration for Brod Pete.
B. Philippine Independence Day: (Bro Ding)
C. Joint Camping/Sportsfest:
Bro Jesse - Coordinator between APO Eastcoast and APODCAA
Bro Mar - APODCAA Sports Coordinator initial report
Bro JunC - Report, mechanics for APOlympics Project
Bro Danny - Coordinator between other Fil-Amcommunities
D. Dinner Dance Party - Bro Danny
a. Execom - ACNA Qrtrly Mtg report
b. BOD - 501 (C) 3, Chairmanship to be designated
c. Baby Shower for Bro Anthony/Berna
(Sis Lulu & Sis Axie)
d. Service/Fundraising report, Bro Santi

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