APODCAA Induction 2005

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On behalf of APODCAA, we would like to express our kind thanks and gratitude for the support that you have given us, and the time that you spend with us during our induction ball. We surely do hope that everybody had a great time. Also, please pardon us for our shortcomings if there are. However, APODCAA has indeed a lot to learn and we definitely know that we are growing, and as a group we will continue to work together to better our organization.

To the Filipino American Community leaders in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia such as the PAFC, we are still overwhelmed by your gracious presence, how can i ever thank you. APODCAA is a part of the community and we hope to continue to be a stronger partner to serve and be involve in our community.

To all members of APOEC, APOACNA, friends and family members, thank you very much and all i can say is, Mabuhay ang APO. As i have mentioned in my speech, Let us continue to propagate the (LFS) Leadership, Friendship, & Service principles to our community and to our own Fraternity and Sorority.

I also would like to ask everyone (PAFC, APO EC, ACNA) if you could send me an email directly regarding your comments/compliments/ etc. etc. on areas that we need to improve and your personal overall impression on our induction program. It will surely help us in our growing process. send it badoods1925@yahoo.com

Taos Pusong nagpapasalamat ang APODCAA family sa inyong lahat....

Yours in LFS,
Bro. Doods Castellano
Delta Kappa Chapter '84


On behalf of APODCAA, I wish to express our deep appreciation to those who took time from their busy schedules to attend our 2nd APODCAA Induction of Officers' Ball held last Saturday, January 15, 2005, at the Holiday Inn, Linthicum, MD. It truly makes us feel so special when brethren from across the continental United States and Canada come visit with us. To those who could not make it, sorry to say that you missed out on another opportunity to enjoy APODCAA's famous hospitality. Sabi nga ni Lester, "Nakakawili at babalik ulit."

On a more somber note, APODCAA offered a moment of silence for Brod Uly Maypa. It is at times like this that we must unite and resolve to P.U.S.H. for brod Uly's speedy and full recovery.

Below please find APODCAA's guest list from out of town. If I missed anyone, please pardon my advancing age [due to dementia].

Vic DeLeon

From the State of California:
Sis Lita Libot [sf-sv]
Brod Lester Arevalo [gla]ACNA 1st VP
Brod Cesar Garingan [ACNA President, 2005-2006]
Brod Mel Gonzales [LIUF President]
Brod Art Libot [sf-sv] ACNA Secretary
Brod Bong Manuel [norcal] ACNA Treasurer
Brod Cesar Noche [gla]

From the State of Texas:
Brod Bong Coronel [dfw]
Brod Lucien Larazabal [houston] ACNA 2nd VP
Brod Dan Maines [houston] PP ACNA
Brod Jun Tapay [houston-san antonio] ACNA PRO, 2001-2004

From APO-East Coast:
Sis Jojo Castillo [apo-ec]
Sis Angie Dimaya [apo-ec]
Sis Bembem Duenas [apo-ec]
Sis Jho Fidel & Jean [apo-ec]
Sis Myra dela Rosa [apo-ec] and Miko
Brod Don Carlos Almirante
Brod Virmin Banaag [apo-ec/delaware] ** newly-adopted son of APODCAA
Brod Ed Badiola [apo-ec]
Brod Mao Banez [apo-ec]
Brod Jojo Bunao [apo-ec]
Brod Jun Cabildo [apo-ec]
Brod Joy Carino [apo-ec]
Brod Alvin Castillo [apo-ec]
Brod Jun Dimaya [apo-ec]
Brod Arnold Mapoy and family [apo-ec]
Brod Ariel Oasan [apo-ec]
Brod Pong Publico [apo-ec]
Brod Jigsaw Reodica & family [apo-ec]
Brod Glenn dela Rosa [apo-ec]
Brod Edwin del Rosario [apo-ec]
Brod Philip Tolentino & family [apo-ec] President, APO-EC
Brod Django Villanueva & family [apo-ec] - miron at pampagulo

The Lone Ranger[ette] from Toronto, CANADA:
Sis Chona Villajuan, former ACNA Secretary

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