US Marine Corp Marathon 2005

APODCAA Supports the 30th Marine Corps Marathon
October 30, 2005
Washington, DC
(Bro Vic DeLeon, Epsilon Psi/82A, #10370)

APODCAA proudly cheered on an estimated thirty-five thousand-plus runners during the 30th Marine Corps Marathon held on October 30, 2005 in the nations’ capital.

For the third year in a row, APODCAA’s steadfast commitment to be of Service was clearly evident. True to its motto, “Do a Good Turn Daily,” APODCAA stalwarts led a group of volunteers totaling approximately fifty APO members, family, and friends to cheer and provide drinks to this year’s runners at Water Point #10.

Being a member of Alpha Phi Omega, I am proud to be a part of this worthy Service cause. It made me even more proud as I watched our APO kids in action along Water Point #10 serving drinks to grateful marathon runners. Consequently, it came as no surprise that a number of the runners recognized the APO Greek letters worn by our volunteers and introduced themselves as our APO-USA brothers.

As each runner passed us by or slowed down to get a drink, there were noticeable markings imprinted which indicated his/her own reason for this year’s marathon, be it for pure health, personal, or competitive reasons. It was both a humbling and overwhelming experience to witness a large number of this year's runners who dedicated their participation to honor our uniformed men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, particularly those who gave ALL defending the cause of freedom.

A truly gratifying experience indeed, with comments such as, “Thank you guys for making this possible.” or “Thanks for being here for us.” If only they knew, it is they who give us the inspiration to continue doing what we do.

As a testament to its commitment to be of Service in the community, APODCAA has adopted the MCM for its annual Service projects. It is our earnest desire to be allowed the opportunity to be a part of this event on a continuing basis to give honor and respect to our true heroes.

On a side note, “Thank You” to Sister Lulu Sipin and family for preparing our lunch and to Sis Axi Alvarez and Brod Pol Alvarez for the drinks. Enjoy na sa Service, busog pa. What else can one ask for? It surely felt good to be of Service to our fellowmen.

Volunteers are as follows:
APO sisters: Axi Alvarez, Ellen Dayrit, Lulu Sipin;
APO brothers: Deejay Alfaro, Pol Alvarez, Rene Amon, Junnie Babatuan, Anthony Busog, Doods Castellano, Jesse Dayrit, Vic DeLeon, Mar Deyto, Bennie Domingo, Ep-Ep Escobar, Danny Francia, Ding Gomez, Sherwin Landicho, Rudy Magsalin, Ed Narvacan, Mody Olympia, Ferdie Paz, Chito Penala, Santi Sipin, Chito Yabes;
APO family members: Benzi & Brenda Castellano; D-J and Joy2 Dayrit; Scarlette, Christine & Monique DeLeon; Julie Escobar; Claudine, Pauline, & Yvette Sipin
APO friends: Rose Acojido; YN3 (AW) Keyla Anzano; HM1 Brenda Corrao; Oliver, Flor, Ma’an, Karen, & Jason Flores; David Foust; Jason Lempect; HM2 Lynette Lowery; HM3 Hai Nguyen

Photos 1-64 courtesy of Bro Deejay

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