APODCAA Celebrates Pistang Pilipino 2009

Photos contributed by Bro Santi

APODCAA Celebrates Pistang Pilipino 2009
(Vic DeLeon, Epsilon Psi, #10370)

Gloomy weather could not deter APODCAA members in their efforts to exemplify the true spirit of Service. Exhibiting the Alpha Phi Omega’s cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service in its purest form, APODCAA members, families, and friends led the way in celebrating this year’s Pistang Pilipino on Sunday, June 28, 2009, with aplomb.

What amounted to an almost insurmountable challenge to support this year’s Pistang Pilipino celebrations, APODCAA once again rose to the occasion. Under the able stewardship of brother Chito Yabes and his dedicated committee members comprising of sister Milvie Murray, and brothers Santi Sipin and Yoki Silverio, the committee marshaled APODCAA members to provide the most challenging support to the Philippine-American Foundation for Charities (PAFC), to date. In a very short amount of time, the committee planned and coordinated the efforts of several volunteers to prepare the materials for display as well as APODCAA’s full participation at this year’s Pistang Pilipino to commemorate the Philippine Independence Day.

APODCAA’s participation consisted of being both parade marshals and participants, erecting 3 booths, one of which was a replica of a ‘bahay kubo’ emblazoned with native materials that served as the site for the free medical screening/check- up courtesy of brother Jun Cristobal’s better half, Dr. Eleanor Daquioag who was ably supported by nurses who are wives and daughters of fellow APO brothers.

Perhaps one of the better surprise of the day came through the courtesy of the ever-gracious tita Fely, the loving wife of brother Ding Gomez, APODCAA immediate past president. The generous couple served sumptuous native dishes to the volunteers as well as the Pistang Pilipino 2009 guests to celebrate brother Ding’s birthday. Please don’t ask me his age; that is on a need to know basis!

And speaking of surprises, APODCAA managed to win two of the four prestigious awards. The Best Banner and Most Entertaining Awards.

All in all, another great day to be a proud member of Alpha Phi Omega!

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