Philippine Independence Day 2005


Who says manpower shortage would be a constraint in maintaining order in the conduct of a parade? It may seem unthinkable at the outset that a handful of men and women would marshal a parade of cascading colors and a flood of people composed of no less that ten thousand of Filipinos coming from as far as Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk in Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland - not counting participants from the host state, Washington, DC.

There were many days of preparation, each one posing a question and a challenge, each member cracking head trying to find ways and means to come up with the best plan of action for an effective system of running the affair. Knowing that the activity was manpower based and faced with the hard fact that the number of active members was very limited, the leadership of Brother Mody Olympia was facing a high wall, insurmountable and tough. But with the support of the officers and members, strength of spirit was mustered. The unrelenting stance of Brother Doods Castellano, Chairman of the Philippine Independence Day Committee drew the inspiration of the general membership. Brother Anthony Busog, Service Committee Chairman, coordinated the activities prior to the affair from the members' attendance to meetings to the printing of T-shirts for the family members. Brother Jessie Dayrit played a wonderful role in those activities as well. Brother Santi Sipin coordinated with the Philippine Embassy. We cannot undermine the bright mind and idea of Brod Paul Alvarez in having thought of putting and actually making the posts to hold the ropes restraining passage of people that would usually cross the streets during the parade. No one could imagine how Brothers Ding Gomez and Mody Olympia looked like while cutting hundreds of bamboo trees for use in decorating in assistance to the PAFC contingents assigned to the task. Sister Delia Esguerra contented herself in practice-shooting with a staple gun while attaching the banners to the bamboo posts.

Finally, the much-awaited event arrived. The long stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue, traversing the 3rd to the 7th streets, as well as Constitution Avenue at the heart of Washington, DC was lined with colorful decorations, vendors, booths, and, of course, the numerous participants , onlookers and bystanders.

The usual early birds were from the fro up of Brod Danny Francia who arrived with Kaydee and Denden, Sis Lulu Sipin and daughters Yvette, Claudine and Pauline, Sis Ellen Dayrit with children Nique, Joy and DJ driven by their father, Brod Jessie Dayrit. Then came Brod Vic de Leon with wife Scarlet and children Christine and Monique followed by Brod Anthony Busog with children Gwyneth and Deanna. The trio, Brod Paul and Axi Alvarez and Brod Rhadee Cayman arrived together. Brod Danrem Balino came with father Danny and mother Remedios Balino. Brod Junie Babatuan came with his camera on shoulder. Brod Doods Castellano came with wife Brenda and son Benzi, The rest of the members came either in solo or in pairs. Sis Vel Foust came with husband David, Tita Dits and Sis Delia Esguerra. Brod Ed Narvacan arrived earlier than them. Brod Sherwin Landicho, Brod Leo de la Cruz and his son, and Brod Soan Velasquez arrived almost at the same time. Brod Mar Deyto, 2nd Vice President, and Rose arrived just in time for the briefing. Brod Bodgie Oasan came with son Alain while Sis Nanette Malapitan came earlier than her son Joel. Brod EpEp Escobar who was the Official Still Photographer of Philippine Independence Day Parade took pictures of the whole event. Brod Jesse Manuel were there to help unload props and decorate. The Treasurer, Brod Rudy Magsalin, arrived without the usual receipts and collection journal for the first time, played a significant role in taking down banners and decorations after the festival.

Quite surprisingly, Brods Dennis Arellano and Munding Obias joined the group in service. As usual, Brod Marlon Simon arrived with Jean. The 1st Vice-President, Brod Bennie Domingo arrived after Brod Chito Yabes.

Action commenced when Brod Rene Amon, Member of the Board of Advisers, arrived with visiting Brother Chito Penala from Beta Sigma Chapter. Brod Rey Castro joined the group as well. While gathered inside a marked booth, a Brother, Roby Jose III approached and introduced himself.

When the short cultural program ended, the drums started beating. Obviously short in manpower to man the long stretched posts, the ropes help control the crowd from crossing the streets while the parade was going on. Even the watchers and onlookers aided the marshals by holding on to the ropes. Brod Doods Castellano obviously demonstrated his leadership in guiding the marshals in maintaining order, running, walking, giving orders and instructions to the participants and onlookers. It was an overly exhausting exercise but all the energy exerted and the perspiration that overflowed were worth after everything was over. It was great success after all - a wonderful performance, and a crystal clear demonstration of service rendered par excellence. On the aftermath, brod Deejay Alfaro, our very own webmaster, collected all the pictures taken by brods Rene Amon and EpEp Escobar and posted them in our website at Kudos to the Philippine Independence Day Committee. Way to go APODCAA.

Sis Delia Esguerra
APODCAA Board of Advisers
Alpha Nu '70


From: A. Valera
Date: Mon Jun 6, 2005 1:47 pm
Subject: Re: [pafc] Cheers to the Philippine Festival Committee

This is the best Philippine Festival Fair I ever attended. High visibility, a united theme, an excellent cultural presentation showcasing Fil-Am Talents, a very colorful and meaningful parade and for the first time well organized , smoothly operated booths and kiosks....and the attendees wow... showcase of immigrants and various nationalities supporting the event....

Bank of America and other corporate sponsors of this event should be very proud of this!!! They got more than their money's worth and most important of all is they learned and enjoy to say the least the Philippine Culture at its best... Mainstreaming is bringing into our environment the best of the Philippines to enrich American culture and the society as a whole.......

Mabuhay ang Phi. Festival Committee 2005 PAFC...excellent work!!!!

A. Valera


From: Ador Carreon
Date: Mon Jun 6, 2005 11:13 am
Subject: Thank you

Dear Everyone,

Thank you and congratulations to the Fair and Parade Committee and to everyone who assisted us in your own special way for a very sucessful event. We could have not done It without your support. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Best regards,


From: Mary Anne T. Fadul
Date: Mon Jun 6, 2005 10:26 am
Subject: [pafc] Cheers to the Philippine Festival Committee

Better venue + More vendors with variety of crafts & trade from far away places like Jacksonville, FL and New Jersey + A variety of activities for both young and not so young + Lots of helping hand + The hottest day of 2005, so far = A VERY SUCCESSFUL PHILIPPINE FAIR 2005.

To the PFC 2005 led by Ador Carreon and the hundreds of volunteers, you all deserve a pat in the back and a break today. The Bayanihan spirit in all of you really stood up in yesterday's efforts!

All the angst, trials & tribulations that are part of the preparations were seamless to the thousands who attended yesterday's fair.

From PAFC, our profound thanks to all the volunteers who made the Philippine Fair a success!

Best regards,
PAFC Board & Officers

p.s. The Gala, Cultural Night, Picnic & Sportsfest are next!
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