Brod Marlon Simon (Epsilon '80A) turned 35(?) on August 23, 2003. Marlon joined APO 23 years ago (1980). He turned 35 today (2003). He joined when he was 12? (hmmmm???). Regardless,
As brader Prez. Doods Castellano said:
That is one great week-end. Tony and Edna Peralta of Severn, Maryland hosted the affair. Bro. Marlon's band was great that made everybody clapped their hands and stumpped their feet and moved their heads to and fro or side to side and swing their hips (ano pa ba ) and the ballroom dancing of Bro. Mody and Tita Dits was entertaining, thanks for the mini dance lesson Bro. Mody, Sis Lowy can dance too, pero hingal he he. Meeting Jean's family was an honor and her Mom is doing good and in great shape. And of course, meeting Belinda (an actress in the Phil) and hearing her sang with the live band was fun. There was a lot of food, the APO kids enjoyed swimming so much especially the first son of APODCAA "Benzie" who do not want to stop practicing his own version of diving, he definitely showed one of the APO jewels "Brave". Thanks to Bro. Vic's daugther Christine and Michelle for taking their turns to play with him. And most of all we all had a great and wonderful time. What a B-day treat to Bro. Marlon.
As brader Vice Prez. Jesse Dayrit said:
It was indeed a great occassion! Theres always a first time to having everything, Live band ( WOW ! ), #1 Seeded Filipino Tennis player , Filipino teleNovela actress, brods and sisters, swimming pool ... and this time there was NO--Toast--Song--After--GMM... and a lot more!
Again, congratulations sa mga nag birth day (Jho Fidel, Rudy Magsalin, Marlon Simon, etc)! At maraming salamat sa masasarap ng pagkain ni tita Jean! Mukhang magaling humawak ng gitara si Sis Jho Fidel... prang prof ang dating ;-)
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