U.S. Marine Corps Marathon 2003 SERVICE

APODCAA at Your Service: Marine Corps Marathon 2003
(Vic DeLeon, Epsilon Psi 82A)

Once again, members of the Alpha Phi Omega (Philippines) Alumni Association of Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland (APODCAA) demonstrated their dedication and commitment to the call of Service.

On the early morning of October 26, 2003, over twenty members of APODCAA and their families proudly volunteered their time, energy, and enthusiasm providing much needed fluid replenishments and cheered over twenty-three thousand runners. And speaking of runners, APODCAA is proud to have our very own Brother Bennie Domingo, Alpha Chapter, Far Eastern University, participate - yet again - in this year's event.

Meanwhile, we were also joined by APO-USA Brother Kyle Peterson of Alpha Delta Pi chapter, Western Alabama University, and Brother Nick Rosen of Alpha Delta Delta, George Mason University. APODCAA hopes to expand its Service activities with our APO-USA counterparts and will continue to explore ways to learn and appreciate each others' unique perspectives and cultures. One thing I'm absolutely confident about is that our dedication and commitment to Serving our fellowmen serve as a bond that bridges our cultural differences.

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