FUND RAISING PROJECT - 09/30/05 to 08/23/05


Held at Commander Ador Carreon's residence at 315 Syria Ct. Fort Washington, Maryland.

Mga Kapatid:

First of all I would like to thank Brod Bennie for leading the APODCAA Ador Carreon Residence Fund Raising Project. The powerwash work started at 2:30 PM Friday, September 30 by Brods Bennie, Rudy, and me. I also would like to thank Brods Epep, Ding, Bennie for coming to Ador's residence as early as 9:00 AM, Saturday, October 1st to continue the powerwash job. We were joined later by Brods Vic, Anthony, and Santi to finish the job.

On Sunday, October 2, beginning at 9am, Brod Bennie bought all the contruction materials needed to fix the plumbing and install the basement bathroom, and continued to work inside. Outside, I started and partially completed the painting of the front door and window facade and garage doors.

Brod Bennie alone continued to work on Fridays and weekends staying as late as 11:00 pm working on the plumbing and installing the shower.

On Saturday, October 22, Brod Ed Narvacan contributed his time away from his girlfriend Catherine to work on Brod Mody's residence, part of an ongoing Home Maintenance Fund Raising Project.

On Sunday, October 23, Brods Doods Castellano, Mar Deyto, and Mody Olympia continued to finish painting Ador Carreon's residence exterior.

Brod Bennie Domingo continued to work on the basement bathroom assisted by other brods.

Thank you APODCAA !!!

The main purpose of this project is to raise funds for our organization. We will re-imburse you for your gas expenses and other expenses such as materials and food that you incur related to the project. We have allocated a budget for our food and refreshment expenses.

May we continue to work and have fun together.

Thank you for commiting your time for APODCAA.

Brod Mody

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