By: Sis Delia Esguerra
Chairman, Constitutional Review & Amendment Commission
Member, Presidential Board of Advisers

Spring and summers times ushered in the season for cleaning and home maintenance activities. These are indeed times when the homeowners contract the services of mowers, plumbers, painters, power washers, gutter cleaners, and other outside-the-home improvements.

Cognizant of the membersí talents and know-how, the APODCAA administration under the rends of its current President, Brother Mody Olympia, launched a fund raising campaign that caters to the needs of the time. Majority of its clientele is composed of members and officers who thought it better to hire the services of the group instead of hiring outside help. Its first customer was Ms. Dadit Salamat, fiancťe of the President. The group performed services like power washing of the walls and roof, lawn mowing and gutter cleaning - all these for a small sum of $100. Several brothers followed suit. The group is now negotiating costs and schedule with clients like Brod Rudy Magsalin for landscaping, driveway cementing, house painting and outside cleaning. Brod Mody Olympia followed the queue for his deckís power washing and painting and gutter cleaning. Brod Eph Eph Escobar saw the opportunity to share in the activities by contracting the groupís services in the assembly of his shed, in landscaping, and in gutter cleaning. Sis Arlene and her husband, Mark Anderson, who just got married last December 2004, bought a new house. They need the group to pull out the bushes in front of their house and clean their gutter from leaves of the fall and winter times. Other brothers and sisters have indicated their need for the groupís services but are waiting for their turn.

Part of the administrationís 2-year development plan, the fund raising project is expected to generate approximately $2,000 for this season. The Association intends to make this an ongoing project. It is expected to generate more income as workmanship is improved and new clientele are drawn in even from the community. Indeed a good source of funds to finance the service projects of the Association.

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