ACNA MEETING - APRIL 16-18, 2004

APODCAA Hosts ACNA Council Meeting on April 16-18, 2004
Members of Alpha Phi Omega from across the North American continent, including Canada, converged in the nationís capital on April 16-18, 2004 and spent a fun-filled and exciting weekend capped by a thrilling 1-point victory by APO East Coast over the host team of APODCAA, ala Los Angeles Lakers over the Houston Rockets, with a score of 55-54.

Proud and dedicated APODCAA members graciously welcomed each delegate led by our illustrious President Brother Doods Castellano [Delta Kappa] working side-by-side with APODCAAís ageless wonder, Brother Mody Olympia [Theta 67], the event overall Chairman. Kabise Jesse Dayrit [Gamma Psi], Welcome Committee Chairman, and his crew of volunteers ably picked-up arriving delegates from three international airports in the area.

Several delegates arrived Thursday, April 15, 2004 while others spent the night driving to catch the early bird opportunity to swing the clubs over the luscious greens of Penderbrook Golf Club in Fairfax, FA.

As delegates began to arrive at the hotel (The Virginian Suites in 1500 Arlington Blvd, Arlington Virginia 22209) in the afternoon of April 16th, Brods Junnie Babatuan, Lem Banaga [both of Delta Kappa], and the fearless Sis Axi Alvarez [Theta Sigma] were marvelous in making sure delegates were properly registered and accredited [and of course, paid for]. Brod DeeJay Alfaro [Gamma Psi] provided exciting music at the venue throughout.

As things began to heat up on Friday evening, with guests hungry from long flights and driving, some were hungry for playing golf all day long, I suppose you know who you are. The wonderful Food Committee headed by Sis Ellen Dayrit [another Delta Kappa] and APODCAA First Lady Brenz Castellano did a fantastic job of feeding several dozen hungry brethren.

It was this moment that I realize how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such wonderful brothers in APO -- who each contributed immensely in their own ways -- in the likes of: Brothers Romy Valle & Ariel Nievera of Eta; Rene Amon & Chito Yabes of Beta Sigma; Amor Doronio of Theta; Rudy Magsalin of Upsilon; Di Aquino & Bodjie Oasan of Alpha Delta; Danny Francia & Jessie Manuel of Iota; Rhadee Cayman & Pol Alvarez of Theta Sigma; Anthony Busog of Eta Kappa; Marcelo Deyto of Gamma Omicron; EphEph Escobar of Gamma; Irick Peradilla of Alpha Epsilon; Marlon Simon of Epsilon, So-An Velasquez of Alpha Omicron; Dennis Arellano of Eta Alpha; Bennie Domingo of Alpha; Kyle Peterson of Alpha Delta Pi [APO-USA].

It sure was a joy to meet visiting brothers and sisters, reminiscent of our college days. I was thrilled to meet the delegates of various ACNA AAs, i.e., ACNA President Dan Maines & ACNA Secretary Chona Villajuan; Houston: Rico Sanchez, Lucien Larazabal, Vincent (last name unknown); Toronto: Ely Samaniego [need other names]; Midwest-Chicago: Nora Cortez, Maribel Baronia, Peng del Mundo, Gary Hernal [need other names]; Dallas Ft. Worth: Ivan & Tess Reyes; GLA: Baby Rivera; NorCal: Pearl Parmalee; Nevada: Jun Lafiguera; British Columbia: Rolly Rafal & Del Debelen; East Coast: Alvin & Jojo Castillo & family, Dennis Villanueva, Jho Fidel, Jigsaw Reodica, Nonoy [many more names], and of course, the one and only LIUF President Mel Gonzales.

Saturday came and as delegates [and I suppose APODCAA brothers, too] began to (sober up) attend to ACNA affairs while others toured the nationís capital, and thanks to APO-USA Brother Kyle. Brod/President Doods Castellano appointed Di Aquino and me to represent APODCAA in his stead during the ACNA Council Meeting; I must say, it was a privilege for me to be allowed to sit at this meeting.

Winners of the various sporting events were presented at the Sundayís farewell brunch and they are as follows:


Brother Django of [mother chapter] and Sis Jo Fidel, both of APO East Coast


Brods Nonoy, Champion and Jigsaw, runner-up, again of APO East Coast


Brod Mar Deyto of APODCAA won the championship while Brod Ivan Reyes of APOAADFW was the runner-up


Brod Vic DeLeon [aka Django Bustamante/Efren ĎBataí Reyes combined] won the championship while Brod Pol Jun Alvarez, also of APODCAA was the runner-up


APO East Coast as Champs and APODCAA as the runner-up

Truly, Iím at a loss for words to describe the camaraderie shared by all throughout the fun-filled and exciting weekend affair.

(Vic DeLeon, Epsilon Psi, 2X4KRO)

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