Photos 1-31 were taken on the 2nd GMM held at brod Rene's pad in Mclean on February 14, 2004. Main agenda was the preparation for the coming ACNA Meeting on April 16-18, 2004. Happy birthday to Aquarian Brods Bennie Domingo, Mody Olympia, Romy Valle, and Rose (girlfriend of brod Marcelo Deyto).

Photos 32-55 were taken at the Grand Billard Tournament held at Flying Buffalo Supper Club in Falls Church, Virginia on March 12, 2004. Congratulations to the the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners: Romy Valle(Eta '67), Vic DeLeon (Epsilon Psi'82), and Joel Malapitan (son of Sis Nenette Malapitan (Alpha Theta '71). Congratulations to all losers for being sport. A big thank you to the organizer of this happy event, bro Mar Deyto (Gamma Omicron '88). For those of you who were not able to attend, sorry you missed the fun.

Photos 56-75 were taken on March 13, 2004 at the 3rd GMM and birthday party held at celebrant brod Jesse and Sis Ellen Dayrit's new residence in Laurel, Maryland. Thank you Brod Jesse and Sis Ellen for your hospitality. Happy Birthday brod Jesse. A very wonderful house and an excellent husband/wife teamwork. Thanks to all of you who attended this important meeting.

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