HANDS-ON-DC 2005 - May 7, 2005

Hands-On-DC 2005 - May 7, 2005

As brod Doods said:

Thanks to everybody who joined and participated in todays service. Yan ang APO,, Yan ang APODCAA family. We are motivated to serve others. Keep up the good works Bro. Anthony (Service Chairman). And Kudos to Bro. President Mody and 2nd VP Bro. Mar.

Service Ulit Tayo,

Bro. Doods

Thanks Brod. Doods, I liked those "Hands On, Hands Clasp" motto. And thanks especially for Brod. Anthony for the smooth and easy HandsOn-DC Service accomplished. Brod. Anthony, you did a really great job from start to finish. From giving directions how to get into DC area up to reporting the accomplished works. I salute you.

As brod Mar commented:

Especial thanks for APO members and their energetic kids who volunteered to give their time and efforts to accomplished a very humble and great deeds. Job well done and sweet accomplishment for all of us---APODCAA!

Take Care Always.


Brod. Mar Deyto

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