Philippine Embassy Heritage 2 Service Project - October 16, 2004

Philippine Embassy through brod Santi Sipin requested APODCAA to assist in the setup and take down of Philippine Embassy's Heritage 2 Affair in celebration of Filipino-American Heritage and History Month which includes fabulous display of books by Filipino-American authors.
Despite a 2-day short notice, APODCAA responded with full force coming in as early as 9:00 am and staying as late as 9 pm to transport chairs, desks, books, food, posters, and other materials used in the Heritage 2 event.
We were fortunate to have brod Lester Arevalo (ACNA vice-pres) and sis Lulu Sipin family's assistance.
Thank you brod Di Aquino for hosting the post service event and of course to all who supported the project.

The gathering hopes to tackle the issue why works of Filipino authors have not penetrated the mainstream market. Two books- Nick Carbo's Pinoy Poetry and Wilfrido D. Nolledo's Cadena de Amor and other Stories were also launched at the event. Several titles of anthologies and works published in 2003-2004 will be presented. Featured writers were Carlene Sobrino, Nick Cardo, Rod Garcia, Reme A. Grefalda, Luisa Igloria, Paolo Javier, Jon Pineda, Bino A. Tealuyo, and LindaTy-Casper.

Quote brod Lester Arevalo (ACNA Vice President visiting APODCAA):

APO WASHINGTON DC and yours truly just concluded a service project with the Philippine Embassy here in Washington DC.

Pinoyfest, Pride in our books, Pride in our Future. A Filipino American Heritage event happened at George Washington University in Washington, DC last October 15-17. Filipino publishers and authors residing and visiting the US were honored by the Philippine Embassy.

The salute to Filipino authors and book fair is a project of the Cultural Division of the Philippine Embassy with the assistance from Alpha Phi Omega Washington DC and an ACNA representative.

Siempre alam mo na kung ano ang naging papel ng mga brothers and sisters doon sa event. From 9 am to 9 pm ang service hours namin.

Where will we be of SERVICE next.

Lester Arevalo

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