U.S. Marine Corps Marathon 2004 Service

APODCAA in Action at the 29th Marine Corps Marathon
October 31, 2004
Washington, DC
(Bro Vic DeLeon, Epsilon Psi/82A, #10370)

The Alpha Phi Omega Alumni Association of Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia (APODCAA) again showcased their commitment to Service on October 31, 2004, sending a contingent to lend a helping hand at the 29th Marine Corps Marathon. Over thirty APODCAA members and their families descended to cheer and offer drinks to the runners at Haines Point, site of Water Point Station # 9, located at the beautiful Potomac East Golf Course flanked to the West by Reagan National Airport and to the East by the Anacostia Naval Station.

Quite frankly, I suspect some of these APODCAA members would have probably preferred to practice their nine irons or what have you on this sunny and gorgeous Sunday morning. But dedication and commitment to community Service prevailed. The group showed up to support this year's Marine Corps Marathon, our second in a row and with lasting partnership as our goal.

The APODCAA contingent was well represented with kids as young as 7 years old to APO brethren as young as ... well, I suppose you're just going to have to guess. This day is truly an amazing demonstration of Alpha Phi Omega's cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service in our community.

APO kids learning first-hand the value of Leadership as APODCAA members continue to seek out opportunities to get involved and make a difference in our local communities. Friendship as each APO kid gets to join with other APO kids and non-APO kids to promote harmony amongst each other, particularly in getting involved in worthwhile Service activities. Ah, Service you say. What could be a better way to demonstrate to our children our commitment to Service than by having them join us in action?

Over twenty-six thousand runners from all over the globe participated in this year's marathon. Runners from Canada to the North and as far as South America to nearby Alexandria, young and old, men and women braved the 26.2-mile trek that would challenge even a healthy person. Some came in their Halloween costumes while a couple ran carrying 'Old Glory' throughout the entire course. These runners were not here for just the competition, but to also offer their support to our uniformed men and women of the armed forces currently in harms way defending the cause of FREEDOM!

In our own small ways, we extend our support to our troops by supporting the Marine Corps Marathon on a continuing basis with the hope of establishing a permanent partnership. To the men and women of our armed forces: airmen, soldiers, sailors, and marines, APODCAA humbly offers its grateful salute for your outstanding and dedicated Service to this great nation!

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