Lots of foods, entertainment, sight seeings. What more can you ask for in a service? This were the images taken last June 9,2002 (Sunday) in Baltimore, Maryland. Attended by Bros Jesse (& family), Bennie, Marlon (& wife),Lemuel, Doods, Deejay (& family); Sis Ellen, Leah

Collaborated with The Katipunan

Filipino-American Association of Maryland was founded in 1969 to serve the growing community of Filipino-Americans. Today, the Katipunan serves the community through educational, cultural, religious and social programs. Community outreach includes programs to expose others to Filipino culture as well as offering services to new immigrants and assisting them in their adjustment to a new life in America. Other programs sponsored by the Katipunan include social and public works programs in the Philippines as well as freecare medical missions to rural regions of the Philippines. Check out http://www.katipunan.org
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