APODCAA Heeds the Call of Service: Philippine Independence Day Celebration (Vic DeLeon, Epsilon Psi 82A) Members of the Alpha Phi Omega (Philippines) Alumni Association of Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland (APODCAA) spent the entire Saturday night helping to prepare the venue for this year's Philippine Independence Day (PID) celebration held Sunday, June 15, 2003 at the Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC. Several APODCAA members led by the association President/Brother Edward "Doods" Castellano spent the night in downtown Washington, DC Saturday night putting up decorations in preparation for Sunday's festivities. It's significant to note that the group was also joined by APO-USA Brother Kyle Peterson of Alpha Delta Pi chapter, University of West Alabama, who helped throughout the night. More than half of these willing volunteers came back on Sunday to continue on with their commitment to Serve the community and handled the logistics of the day's affair. Meanwhile, a second batch came in the morning of Sunday to relieve the midnight crew. Brother Doods Castellano was appointed Logistics Chairman by this year's PID overall chairman Presy Guevarra and was entrusted to see to it that this year's festivities will flow smooth - and that, APODCAA delivered!
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