APODCAA Thanksgiving 2004 Service Project

The night before Thanksgiving, package food were prepared by tita Dits and sis Vel staying as late as 3 AM to get ready for distribution to the District of Columbia homeless in the morning of Thanksgiving Day, November 25th. Additional Foods were also being prepared by prez Doods and his family. There were 100 package foods prepared.

By 7:30 am, brods Vic DeLeon and Ding Gomez and son picked up the food from tita Dits house and met with brader Doods and the rest of the members at the back of the Philippine Embassy in Massachusetts Ave in Washington, DC.

By 9:30 am, APODCAA members are in a convoy distributing food to the homeless all over Washington, DC.

By 7:30 pm, Thanksgiving Dinner was hosted by tita Dits and brod Mody for members of APODCAA.

On November 27, Saturday, a special GMM was held on bro. Vic DeLeon's home to discuss the Christmas party on December 18, 2004 and induction ball on Jan 15, 2005.

As prez Doods said:
Thanksgiving Service by feeding the homeless is truly a humbling experience. It made us realised how lucky and blessed we are to have what we have. And yet we still complain and never satisfied and sometimes think that we had a big problem. Well, look at the homeless people, them too are having difficulty in life and maybe more difficult than ours. Just a Thought.

I personally would like to thank the following for preparing the food. Mi esposa Brenda, Tita Dadit, Sis Vel, Bro. Mody, Bro. Jesse, Bro. Sherwin and Jojo, and the Brothers and Sisters who took time to hand over the food to the homeless; Bros. Vic, Rudy, SAnti, Jesse, Mody, Doods, Mar, Anthony, Ding, Sisses Lulu , Ellen, Lowy, Nenette. Family members; Brenda, Ygie, Benzi, Yvette, Claudine, Pauline and Nique. (If i have missed a name, please pardon me, my gingko biloba is not kicking yet)

I have contacted a friend of mine Collier and asked him if he knows any shelter in Washington DC, and eureka!!! we learned and went to the biggest shelter in the area named Mitch Snyder Center for the Homeless in # 425 2nd st. NW, Washington DC that can hold about 700 people of all ages. Well, maybe next year we can volunteer to serve and or drop off the food and clothings etc. to this institution.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and able to reflect the many many blessings from our creator. Well, now is the time to shed off those 10-20 lbs of turkey we chowed in, unless you woke up at an early morning the following day which they called "Black Friday" (is that right) and stayed in a 20 mile line at the front entrance of the mall, hey you lose few pounds by standing alone (hehe). Anyway, let's do it again next year and years to come.

True To Self And To Each Other,

Bro. Doods Castellano, Delta Kappa '84
APODCAA Out Going President

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