ACNA 7th Biennial Convention - September 2-5, 2004

APODCAA Sends Delegates to the 7th ACNA Biennial Convention

September 2-5, 2004

Vancouver, CANADA (British Columbia)

On the morning to September 1, 2004, APODCAA sent its very first five official delegates to the 7th ACNA Biennial Convention which was held on September 2-5, 2004 in the gorgeous city of British Columbia in Canada. The delegates comprised of brothers Doods Castellano [Delta Kappa 84], Mody Olympia [Theta 67], Ferdie Ding Gomez [Beta 68], Vic DeLeon [Epsilon Psi 82A], and Jesse Dayrit [Gamma Psi 88]. Led by Doods, the group left the nation’s capital on their quest to learn and participate during this year’s ACNA convention. Probably the least mentioned objective was to see brethren whom we have not seen for a long-long time.

Brothers Deodie Lacsamana and Recto picked me up at the Vancouver airport and proceeded to the hotel where I was met by Roland Rafal, APOIAABC President, Bong Estrada, incumbent ACNA 1st VP, and Jun Tapay, incumbent ACNA PRO in Room 214. Hungry from a long trip, Bro Roland Rafal took us to a Chinese Restaurant to have dinner. We were later joined by APOIAABC VP Ed Florendo and headed back to the hotel after a great meal. Meanwhile, Mody, Ding, Doods, Jesse and Tita Dadits flew into Seattle, Washington, and drove the rest of the way. I could only imagine the fatigue that must be settling in by the time they arrived at the hotel. After a brief chit-chat, we all decided it was time to hit the sack.

The next day we went to Brod Ed Florendo’s gorgeous palace adorned with luscious landscape throughout with waterfalls and a grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mother. It was here that I got to finally put faces behind the names like Cesar Noche, et al. We explored the grounds of British Columbia University's famous Wreck Beach and saw some unusual sights after coming down 482 steps. Walking back up to the car was heavy work.

APODCAA shone during the Gala night as awards and recognition were presented by ACNA leadership. Led by our illustrious President, brother Doods Castellano earned one of the two Leadership Awards, the other being brother Benjie Sabalvaro of APOAA Midwest-Chicago. APODCAA’s contributions to the overall ACNA’s achievements during the past two years, including the April 2004 ACNA Council meeting held in Virginia were duly recognized by brod Dan Maines. Brother Vic DeLeon on the other hand received a Plaque of Appreciation for his silent contributions as a member of the Resolutions Committee. I would be remiss if I failed to mention the gorgeous dance partners, brother Mody Olympia and Tita Dadits. These couple graced the evening with their awe-inspiring dance routines which motivated the audience to dance the night away.

Congratulations to brod Doods Castellano for being elected ACNA Auditor for 2004-2006.

It sure was a delight for me to see brethren whom I haven’t seen for over a decade, some even longer. Former cohorts of days past during my stay with APO Alumni Association of Southern California, now known as APOGLA, members like brods Toti Ayo, Lester Arevalo, Sancho Sy, Doms Tunque, Egay Ninofranco, Francis Franco, the Afan couple [Patrick and Mayette] and many more whom I last saw in 1991 after Bado’s funeral. I left this vibrant group soon after on a military transfer to the home country, the Republic of the Philippines.

It was a pleasure visiting brod George Ladrillono ('61 Theta) recuperating from the hospital in Surrey,BC who missed the whole convention.

(Vic DeLeon, Epsilon Psi 82A, #10370)

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