Thanksgiving Service 2006

Thanksgiving Service 2006

In behalf of this year's Thanksgiving Service Chair, Sis Lulu, I also wish to thank those who heeded to our CALL of Service:
* "El Presidente" Mody and Tita Daditz who prepared everything of the foodstuffs days ahead
* The lovely Ladies of APODCAA Brods who, despite of the rains rushed in to share their helping hands and with their synchronized movements had the packages of food ready in as short a time ala "Production Line"
* Tita Fely, Tita Leny, Jolie, the Doc and of course Tita Daditz, Yvette and Claudene.
* Bros Mody, JunC, Ephraim, Sherwin, Danny, SoAn and our incoming APODCAA President Bro Ding also shared their precious time the night before the service.

We also wish to thank those who came in with their chikitings to render the distribution of the food packets in and around Downtown parks even if it means braving the chilling rain showers.
* Bro Vic DL with his lovely Ladies Scarlet, Kristin and Monique
* Bro Jesse - Sister Ellen and young lady Nikki
* Bro Rene, Bro Antoni, Bro Rudy, Bro Ed, Bro Rhadee. maraming salamat sa inyo at ang inyong mga kapamilya sa suporta nila sa inyo at sa ating kilusan.

Special thanks to those we missed us this time and cannot physically partake with this endeavor but who in their heart and minds are always with us:
* Bro Paul and Sis Axie, you need a good respite from your busy schedules. Take care and Enjoy the sun and the sightseeing in Orlando. Bro Irick, Alpha Epsilon, take care of the kids - please dont forget to solicit the Ads from our brothers up there in Baltimore :)

We also missed this time Bros Di and Bodgie from Alpha Delta as well as Brod Danrem and family but we knew you are with us. Hoping to see you again next year.

Again, Thank Y'all and may God Bless APODCAA.

in the spirit LFS,
bro santi

Photos by El Presidente

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