Thanksgiving Service 2005

Thanksgiving Service 2005
(Bro Vic DeLeon, Epsilon Psi/82A, #10370)

Indeed, I have plenty to be thankful to God for the past year. We have our loving families and each other; this is a great thing to be thankful. As Brother Doods Castellano eloquently stated, “There is nothing nobler in this world than to be a giver.” we are truly blessed to be at the giving end this past Thanksgiving. As APODCAA matures, we are able to share the blessings we receive by our continued commitment to “do a good turn daily” in the form of community Services.

Borne out of labor of love and compassion, over a couple of dozen APO brethren and family members braved the cold winter riding around downtown Washington, D.C to deliver food baskets to the homeless this past Thanksgiving Holiday. Several APODCAA members spent the entire Wednesday night at the Sipin’s residence to cook six turkeys and prepared over one hundred and twenty food baskets for Thursday’s distribution to the homeless. Despite the obvious lack of sleep, these dedicated brethren who practically stayed all night continued on the next day and cheerfully joined us to distribute these food baskets. Now, that’s what I call commitment to the cause of Service.

I’d like to thank the following members and family for the wonderful experience: brothers Mody Olympia, Rene Amon, Ding Gomez, Rudy Magsalin, Santi and Sis Lulu Sipin along with lovely daughters Claudine, Yvette and Pauline, Danny Francia, So-An Velasquez, Doods Castellano with wife Brenda and son Benzi, Jesse and Sis Ellen Dayrit, Ep-Ep Escobar, Dennis Arellano Pol and Sis Axi Alvarez, Sherwin Landicho, Danrem Balino with loving wife and parents.

Thank you brothers and sisters for your dedication to “do a good turn daily.” But above all, I thank God for APODCAA and for allowing us to be together bonded by our shared commitment to be of Service to our fellowmen. If I may, I’d like to think that our Service activities are just the earthly manifestations of God’s will which allows us to become His instruments to share His goodness.

Photos courtesy of Bro Danrem

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