Christmas Party 2008

Photos by: apklpz

APODCAA’S Christmas Party

To All my fellow Brods n Sis, Families, and Friends who attended in our X'mas party "thank you so much for your help n support in this affair. And I would like to thank the following... Sis Eva n Noddie for hosting, Sis Ellen, Sis Lulu, Brod Jessie D., Bro Vic D., Bro Soan for designing the kid's souvenirs. Bro Santi, Bro Danny, Bro DJ, Busog Kids ( the new generation of viva hot babes ) Sipin's Angels (yvette,claudene,n pauline) " the Brother's" for their nice voice. Bro Boy Luna, Bro Virmin . Our Pres. Bro Ding n Bro Romy. To all a.p.o wives for your time n efforts. Most esp. to my one n only hubby Bro Pol ( my driver, my doctor, my electrician, my plumber, my cook,my banker). FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL! Sana po napasaya ko kyo s khit sandaling oras po lamang. Happy beerday to all dec. celebrants. MAY WE ALWAYS BE.

Sis Axie
kappa beta 94'a

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